Song and sword

Weaver of Mist

Born in exile, living for every moment.

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Born south of Summerford Farms, Kihra Xeina has never seen the place where her mother, Theyel, came from. As a little girl, she trained as a red mage at Theyel's knee, learning the techniques her mother gained from her training long ago. When she was seventeen summers old, Theyel told her to leave and never to come back until she had become a master of her craft. No one would hire a girl they believed to be unskilled, however, and she struggled for many years to survive on the streets of Limsa.

Those days are long past; as she enters her seventh decade, she has learned a number of harsh lessons and has made many choices in her past that she regrets, but she always keeps looking forward. She has been a master red mage for some time now, and has picked up a talent for music along the way. She believes in kindness and generosity, that everyone deserves a second chance if they truly wish it.

Just don't mistake her kindness for weakness.

About me:
I am a 25+ year RP veteran through various tabletop games and MMOs.

I enjoy all types of RP (all mature themes require 21+), and am LGBTQ+ friendly. Walkups and tells are always welcome, even if I'm not tagged for RP - just make sure I'm not AFK first.

Age: 65Build: AthleticEye Color: Violet
Race: Rava VieraBirthplace: Near Summerford FarmsHair Color: Dyed black / Pink highlights
Weight: 150 ponzeDeity: MenphinaFeatures: Heart tattoo
Height: 71 ilms (5'11")Orientation: PansexualRelationship Status: ♥♥♥♥♥
Interests: Music, Magic, History, CombatProfession: Musician, Combat MageServer: Mateus

Despite a difficult past, Kihra has somehow remained good-natured and kind. She enjoys the company of friends and loved ones, has an adventurous spirit, and if she has any regrets, she certainly doesn't let them show.

She's not afraid to express her feelings or her thoughts, which tends to get her into trouble at times. She is a shameless flirt, laughs easily, and loves hard. Due to her past, Kihra prefers to give others the benefit of the doubt; but once betrayed, her trust is very difficult to regain.

She will fiercely protect her allies, friends, and closest companions; she is a tactical fighter, able to size up situations quickly and often changes strategy on the fly. This does make her sometimes unpopular with commanding officers with certain expectations. She often improvises in battle, following the spirit of her orders, instead of following them by the letter.


"Sometimes life gives you a bad hand. You play the cards you're dealt the best you can. You find friends and loved ones to help you cheat the dealer."

"Verflare solves most problems and causes the rest."

"Jolt has your name on it, but Impact is addressed 'to whom it may concern.'"

"That one is two warks short of a full chocobo."

"Yes, I can sing. No, you can't listen."